Cades Reef is a barrier reef that runs parallel to the southwest coast of Antigua and quarter of a mile off shore from South Coast horizons Beach Dock. A Five minute boat ride with one of our experienced guides has you in pristine azure waters.

Cades Reef is a nice beginner site. A multitude of marine life and a 10m depth make it an enjoyable site. The reef provides a collection of numerous dive spots, each offering large amounts of soft coral, such as sea fans, as well as a colourful marine life.

All the usual Caribbean suspects are out and about and it isn’t only just for beginners as there is much to see and photograph.

Cades Reef Antigua is divided into two sections – the outer area where divers and snorkelers can swim around to their heart’s desire, and the protected inner reef where much of Antigua’s rich marine life begins.

The outer reef is where you can find a variety of large animals, such as barracuda, green and spotted moray eels, lobsters, eagle rays, and nurse and reef sharks. The sea conditions here are pretty consistent, but if the waves get a little rough, divers typically head for the more sheltered sites inside Cades Reef Antigua itself.

A part of Cades Reef Antigua has been turned into the Underwater Cades Reef Antigua Park, providing excellent shallow diving and snorkelling. Here, anyone can experience the joys of world famous diving in Antigua, no matter what diving level you are, or whether you are seasoned as a diver, or just a beginner.